Self Care Nairobi 12.02.2020


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Restful sleep is one of the foundations of good health, yet many of us have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or sleeping soundly.

Are your sleeping habits silently robbing you of your health, your beauty, your day-to-day functioning, your energy levels, your emotional balance or maybe even cutting off your life?

Getting the right amount of restful sleep can improve every aspect of your life – in decision making, emotional wellbeing, productivity, weight and even relationships.

It’s important to give your sleep some attention.

Do you feel like you’re getting enough quality sleep every night?

Or are you getting enough sleep, but not feeling rested?

Do you have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep?

After a night’s rest, do you have enough energy for the day or do you always feel like you’re dragging?

What kinds of things can you do to make sleep easier for you?

Join us for the Pillow Talk self-care event to:

  • reflect
  • identify the causes for your sleep challenges
  • learn top practices to sleep better
  • and also create some action steps to improve your sleep!

Date: Wednesday, 12 February, 2020
Time: 6PM – 8PM
Location: Coffee Casa, Doctors Building, Parklands Third Avenue, Nairobi
Cost: KSh 1,000

*Please note that this event is open to female founders only, sorry fellas!*


This event is hosted by designer and branding mentor, Lulu Kitololo, and business coach, Danielle Anderson, co-founders of the Afri-love Connection Club, a network for female founders in Mombasa and Nairobi.

We use our complementary expertise and experience to support other female founders, whether you’re a one woman shop or building a global empire.

We recognise that there are unique challenges that we’re all facing as women in business. Our bespoke women’s network provides a more holistic approach to business growth. A way that doesn’t compromise all the other things that are important to us, be they health, family, self-care etc.

The Afri-love Connection Club is a safe space to talk about the important stuff, co-create solutions and support each other in business, so we can all thrive and grow, both personally and professionally.

You do not need to be a member of the Club to join our event, but you do need to be a female!

If you’re unable to join us for the event, but would like to learn more about the Club and our future events, add your details here and we’ll be in touch over email soon!